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The Work Outing

I like to cultivate a peaceful working environment and I’d like for everyone to be included. Call it the Georgian in me. Or maybe it’s because working in a staffing agency really makes you conscious of human interactions and how important they are, even when it doesn’t seem that way some days when you want the whole world to go away.

My colleagues and I have a great relationship. We’re respectful of each other, we’re never getting too personal and we’re always trying to be helpful to one another best way we can. Of course, there are some people who work with us but do their own thing and don’t really meddle with us, but that’s okay. We all live in this county and we all pretty much know each other.

It was Brian’s birthday last week, so we bought him a nice watch, a Stuhrling, and after work, we went to a nearby local bar where they have karaoke night every Thursday. I hadn’t been to karaoke in forever, but we were all up for it and very enthusiastic. It wasn’t planned actually, but Brian won a bet over Tom. They were arguing about Sweat Mountain’s highest point and Brian was the closest to the actual number. I don’t even remember how they got into it. It was either this or the barbeque place right around the corner, but Brian said he wanted karaoke for his birthday.

Anyways, we went there, had a couple of drinks and we were just chatting. It was a little unusual at first because we weren’t really used to hanging out with each other outside the office. It was one thing to have a coffee, and chat together in the kitchen at the office, but it was completely different in an informal gathering outside the office. We usually do these once or twice a year, like for Christmas or something, but this was unplanned.

Little did I know how much karaoke can lower your inhibitions. And a couple of Cosmos as well! I have to say, I really enjoyed it. With some of my colleagues we really hit it off, like, Brenda and I found out we were both fans of Duran Duran. She actually picked to sing one of their songs, but I chose 80s Madonna. A little pop goes a long way.

So all in all, it was a great work outing and sometimes unplanned karaoke nights turn out to be some of the best!