The Cobb County Edge Business Welcoming a New Company to the Area

Welcoming a New Company to the Area

Small businesses are often plagued with trivial matters. When you first find the perfect spot, you end up having to remodel and decorate to make it suitable for your enterprise. I believe in creating a business plan to guide you thereafter in reaching your goals. It is like a timeline for success. Marketing comes into play soon after, and it is no small task. So much goes into reaching the public and promoting your product or service. I was just counseling a friend the other day about marketing. Meanwhile, oddly enough, I elected to help out my plumber with his own unique business.

I guess I am a bundle of advice! The plumber had been repairing my overworked hot water heater that was producing scalding water all of a sudden. There was no way to fix it on my own, as enterprising as I am. It took him an hour and the temperature setting started to go into action. He advised me to get an annual cleaning of excess sediment that can interfere with the functioning of the inner elements. In turn, I agreed to provide all the knowledge I have of marketing.

The basics of marketing apply to any business. Of course, I specialize in those of a smaller size. It is all about Facebook posts and emails these days. Texts should be reserved for friends. Constant communication with prospects is vital in this competitive world. In the future, I will elaborate. Meanwhile, it helps to write good, catchy content that is informational and meaningful—no blather.  You may need a bit of help here to get it just write. I have been known to hire a freelancer myself.