Great Week!

It has been a great week. Super busy, but really great. I set a weekly goal to keep myself motivated. Usually it is something simple like “leave work early once this week” or “set aside time to clean out your inbox every day”. Sometimes I get it done and sometimes I don’t but I always put in the extra effort to try and complete the task. This week’s goal was to drum up some new clients.

On Monday, I used my Chamber of Commerce connections and got a great price on some prime ad space in the weekly circular that will help my business. This is a great benefit to being a Chamber member, and I was super excited to use it.

Then on Tuesday I had a Chamber luncheon to go to. There was a great speaker who talked about different tax breaks small businesses can uses and the smartest way to take advantage of them. Not only did I get some great tips, but I also talked to the HR rep at a local factory, who is looking to hire some temps. I am going to meet with her in a week with some resumes I’ve pulled just for her, which is great. I’ve been trying to get my foot in the door with these people for a while and I am so excited that it is finally happening!

As if that wasn’t awesome enough, on Wednesday I had someone come in to my office looking for work. This guy is incredible. He has office skills, computer skills, and sales skills. He is a dream candidate! He’s new to the area and not sure if he wants to stay, so he is only looking for something temporary at this time. I did my best to convince him to stay and gave him a couple of job options – he was really interested. He chose one and I faxed over his resume. Of course I got a call right away and they love him. He starts there on Monday. I love being able to place people right away, it is an amazing feeling!

Thursday my ad ran in the circular, and it generated a lot of interest. We had double the amount of phone inquiries we normally do and a couple of walk-ins. I also received some emails from clients who saw the ad. It reminded them that we exist, and they realized they could use our services again. Total score!

Friday is casual day for my full-time staff. Let me tell you, I love Casual Friday as much, if not more, than most of them, so my day started out awesome. I also had people come in whose temp jobs ended last week for job completion interviews, and they were all happy with their experiences. One even was offered a full-time position, which she is taking. Another star for us!

So the week was really great work-wise, and the weekend might be good as well. Believe it or not, I am going on a second date with someone I met online. The first date went so well, I am really looking forward to the second one. Keep your fingers crossed for me, I could use some good thoughts and encouragement.