Life Goals

Since this is a personal blog, I’d like to get a little personal today. I am hoping that putting my life goals in writing will be empowering and motivating, but who knows. Maybe it will be like my diary in the fourth grade, which I cannot read now without cringing. Hopefully, though, it will help me hold myself accountable and get moving on some of these ideas.

First, I want to grow my business. My staffing company has continued to grow, and it is through hard work that I’ve got as far as I have. It used to just be me helping friends find summer jobs and babysitting gigs, and now I have my own employees and have found jobs for a lot of people! I’ve formed connections within the community that has developed into valuable business networks and good friends. However, I would like to expand and be able to have more permanent employees that can share the day-to-day administration roles that really can bog me down. That actually brings me to my second point:

I want to accomplish is having more of a personal life. Being a small business owner means I wear a lot of hats and do the work of a multitude of people. While the rest of my employees go home at 5 pm, I’m still at my desk, working on the finances and following up on my staffers. I don’t make enough money to really justify paying somebody to do these things, and I honestly like it. But I do know that the more time I spend here, the less time I have for an actual life outside of the four walls of my office. I want to have a relationship and a pet. Maybe even some kids. Luckily, I wouldn’t even have to move: I know that the schools in Cobb County are fantastic – through my own experience living here and because I have helped place a couple people temporarily in school positions and gotten great feedback from those people. I’ve also had lots of interactions with schools through the Chamber of Commerce by doing educational visits and fundraising for the students. I have also been lucky enough to have some high school students and recent graduates come to me to get their first job placements!

The final thing on my list of life goals is to make an impact. I am not sure exactly how to do this yet because I am undecided whether I want it to be job-related, personally, or even as a positive environmental change. It could be as simple as planting some trees or helping someone find their dream job. I haven’t ruled anything out because I think people overlook the different ways we change the world around us. There is just something to be said for making the world a better place, even if all you’ve done is direct someone toward their real calling.

So there are my life goals. Nothing too big or flashy, to be sure, but definitely worthwhile. What are your life plans? How are you going about achieving them?